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Monday February 26th (EVENING):

Print UV Welcome Reception

6:00 PM (Beethoven)

Always a special occasion, the Print UV welcome reception hosted by our Platinum Sponsors is the perfect way to begin the event, allowing you to greet friends in the industry, both old and new alike. Tasty appetizers and a full beverage bar are included to get the networking event off to the right start. Our sponsors will all be on hand in this relaxed environment to discuss ideas and concepts that can move your business forward with UV and LED technology.

Tuesday February 27th (MORNING):


8:30 AM (Beethoven)

Print UV Conference attendees are treated to a full buffet-style menu designed to nourish both your body and brain in preparation for the amazing information that is to come. If you haven't experienced a Print UV breakfast, prepare yourself! Let the networking begin.

Welcome and Kickoff

9:30 AM (Brahms)

The 11th Annual Print UV Conference will be kicked off in classic style, welcoming our guests and presenting our sponsors. Prepare to get ready for a fantastic conference, and enjoy some warm-ups for the sessions ahead.

UV Riding the Wave of Technology in Print!

10:00 AM (Brahms)

From one of the most influential packaging companies on the global stage, this keynote opens with big ideas on how modern printing should be transformative, and is about motivating the pressroom to demand new technologies that make printing remain relevant. UV is key to folding-carton success!

Break - Sponsor Area

11:00 AM (Beethoven)

Print UV Conference networking moments are one-of-a-kind. Join us for coffee, conversation, and refreshments with our Conference Sponsors.

Lights, Lamps, and Love - Getting the Longest Life from your UV System

11:30 AM (Brahms)

Your UV system loves you, do you love it back? An industry veteran reminisces about a lifetime romance with the maintenance of UV equipment, shared intimately amongst friends. Learn (or remind) yourself of the key maintenance issues and programs needed to make your UV last as long as possible, so it doesn't leave you during that seven-year itch. From UV module cleaning and maximizing UV lamp lifetimes, through reflector replacement and water quality and treatment, one good idea from this session could have an outsized payback to your bottom line.


12:15 PM (Beethoven)

Mingle with conference attendees, browse our sponsor area, and be sure to bring your appetite for another amazing meal by the Wynn Encore!

Distracted by Something Shiny, Again!

1:30 PM (Brahms)

In the world of folding-carton packaging, Cold Foil has become the standard for elevating value-added decorating in packaging. With the advent of new processes, Cold Foil is now a reality for commercial printing, as well as on never-used-before substrates such as offset papers and plastics. The technology improves in lockstep with customer demand.

LED UV Technology - Where are we Now?

2:15 PM (Brahms)

Every week, more and more printers are switching to LED UV to take fast advantage of instant, powder-free drying, improved density and special coating effects on an ever-expanding gamut of substrates, but minus the challenges presented by traditional UV technology in terms of heat, energy consumption and system complexity. This presentation covers where we are in terms of LED UV technology behind the scenes, the capabilities of today's LED UV systems, ink and coating availability, the typical ROI, and what new trends are around the corner, such as LED Wide Spectrum packaging, LED in high-speed flexo and offset web, and the latest ideas in print enhancement that LED can bring to just about any sheetfed press.

Break - Sponsor Area

3:00 PM (Beethoven)

Join us for coffee, conversation, and refreshments with our Conference Sponsors.

Plastics Panel: An Annual Print UV Event!

3:30 PM (Brahms)

Based on the number of requests for this subject, you would think that the most common substrate we print on is petroleum-based! The reality is that UV makes plastic printing possible, and the combination of improved drying technology along with new and more decorative and functional plastics is constantly helping the top line for many printers. What is most lacking is the knowledge of the process, which can destroy the bottom line, and that is what our panel is here to help with! Get your questions ready, and send them in advance if you would like!

Don't Drink the Ink! Food Packaging and Low-Migration update

4:30 PM (Brahms)

In our ever-changing print environment, the need to stay current on ink migration and safety in packaging is key. At Print UV, we provide the most up-to-date status on low-migration standards for UV and LED. When your customers ask you for an update, you will be incredibly prepared.

Tuesday February 26th (EVENING)

Print UV Networking Reception

5:00 PM (Beethoven)

The first day has your mind filled with questions that demand answers! There is no better time than right now! With sponsors representing the world's top suppliers of technology in the UV ecosystem, the Print UV Networking Reception starts immediately following the end of sessions today. Grab a cool drink and munch on some delicious food while meeting those folks that have the information you seek. Grab your business cards for the ultimate in UV networking.

Wednesday February 28th (MORNING)


8:30 AM (Beethoven)

Start your day off right! Our second-day breakfast is just as full and hearty as the first, and is provided to all Print UV Conference registered attendees.

Good Morning and Welcome Back

9:30 AM (Brahms)

Let's get back to it after a few announcements.

Turning up the Volume with LED and UV on Fast, New Machines

9:45 AM (Brahms)

Press-makers have taken notable steps in advancing UV and LED technology on new machines, reaching speeds up to 20,000 sheets an hour. Where once it was exotic, now it's becoming standard. Hear the stories of high-profile printers who adopted new machines in the last 12 months equipped with LED and UV technology, learn what they are accomplishing and what challenges they overcame, and find out how the ROI is clearer than ever.

Adding LED and UV to our Packaging Arsenal

10:15 AM (Brahms)

As Packaging Demands change, Printers must adapt. This session tells the story of one packaging printer's first adoption of UV, including how they made the decision to go with LED right out of the gate, and will help drive the discussion of the future of UV Packaging for all of us. Our speaker will help us with tips and tricks they have developed, and how they pushed for product and process improvement.

Break - Sponsors Area

10:45 AM (Beethoven)

Join us for more coffee and refreshments with our Conference Sponsors! It's the second-to-the-last one!

UV Coating Effects

11:15 AM (Brahms)

Really cool coating effects have always been possible with UV technology, and you're about to hear what you may be missing if you haven't been keeping track of it.

LED Coating Effects

11:30 AM (Brahms)

So you invested in LED UV and have a coater on your press? Guess what you can do with today's LED UV strike-through and drip-off coatings and varnishes that deliver print enhancement inline. Bring gifts to your sales team that will dazzle graphic designers and customers with high-value effects and keep them coming back for more.


12:15 PM (Beethoven)

Eat and Network. Network and Eat. Life is good!

LED without a Net: Printing and Coating with 100% LED

1:30 PM (Brahms)

When LED UV first came on the scene, the smart investment was to have both LED and Conventional UV to meet all of your coating and printing needs. This combination of technologies has proved safe, effective and profitable. However, many printers are abandoning the safety net of Conventional UV and jumping entirely into LED drying only. Drying the Inks was no concern, but the rest of the industry still has concerns about LED coatings. Our panel, who took the jump, discusses their success!

Implementing LED-UV Curing - a Perspective from Management

2:15 PM (Brahms)

The discussion will cover the issues that printing companies face as they change over their printing process to include LED-UV curing. At last year's UV Print Conference, a printer attended the conference while their LED-UV equipped press was in manufacturing in Japan. Much of the knowledge gained at last year's event assisted the team in the onboarding of the technology. This printer's unique perspective will help other LED-UV adopters make a successful and profitable transition. They will take you inside his operation where you'll hear from operators and personnel focusing on the challenges and benefits of implementing LED-UV curing. If you're considering LED, you won't want to miss this one!

Break - Sponsor Area

2:45 PM (Beethoven)

Join us for one last break before the final stretch of Print UV!

Everything is finally working Great! Let's Switch UV Technologies!

3:15 PM (Brahms)

One of our Industry's World-Wide Giants held a magnifying glass to the impact of their UV processes and decided to make a change. This session will cover how the new LED technology disrupted their traditional thinking and what it took to implement a change to their entire worldwide. Our speaker will explore the difficulties, trade-offs, improvements and needs that they have discovered.

End of Conference - Closing Remarks

4:15 PM (Brahms)

Special announcements will be made at the conclusion of the 11th Annual Print UV Conference.