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Wednesday March 27th (ARRIVAL DAY):

Welcome Reception

6:00 PM (Beethoven)

Welcome to the PRINT UV 2019 Conference! For early arrivers, our Welcome Reception is not to be missed. This full networking event brings sponsors and printers together in a relaxed environment for the first taste of Print UV 2019. Hearty appetizers and refreshments will be served.

Thursday March 28th (MORNING):


8:30 AM (Beethoven)

Print UV Conference attendees are treated to a full buffet-style menu designed to nourish both body and brain in preparation for the amazing information that is to come.

Welcome and Kickoff

9:30 AM (Brahms)

The 12th Annual Print UV 2019 Conference will kick off in classic style, welcoming our guests and presenting our sponsors. Prepare to get ready for a fantastic conference, and prepare with some mental excercises to help you better receive the information you are about to experience!

Keynote: Hot Print Markets for UV and the Future of Print

10:00 AM (Brahms)

Our Keynote Speaker, Vince Mallardi, has published the “Hot Markets in Print” forecast for over 30 years. Vince will help us peer into the markets that are growing and will be hot into the future. They are not what you may think! As the president of the leading print brokers’ and buyers’ association in the world, the PBBA, Vince has his fingers on the pulse of our industry and his perspective can help everyone understand how their business may need to evolve to stay healthy. Vince will also offer some prognostications on future changes in and out of print that should either open up or blow a few minds in the audience.

Break - Sponsor Area

11:00 AM (Beethoven)

Print UV Conference networking moments are one-of-a-kind. Join us for coffee, conversation, and refreshments with our Conference Sponsors.

Reclassification of Press Chemicals, What’s the Risk to You?

11:30 AM (Brahms)

Chemicals are all around you; in your home, in your car, at your workplace. The advent of REACH in the EU, TSCA reform in the USA and new regulations being devised in countries such as China have brought on a series of changes into how everyday materials are being reclassified to provide greater awareness to users. Brand owners, Non-Government Organizations, as well as consumers are placing pressures on print suppliers to adopt and adapt. We will present a real offset press room exposure study of UV ink containing a reclassified material. The presentation will demonstrate a risk-based “safe use” approach vs. a hazard-based “do not use” approach. This is a must-see presentation for printers interested in pragmatic information regarding press room safety.


12:15 PM (Beethoven)

Mingle with conference attendees, browse our sponsor area, and be sure to bring your appetite for another amazing meal at the Encore!

Coating Knowledge Part One:
Soft Touch Coatings: Making Them Work at Their Best - Every Time!

1:30 PM (Brahms)

A best practices presentation that is in high demand as this coating effect continues to grow. Our expert panel will walk through the key steps in this challenging process; focusing on answering questions like: When to use UV or Aqueous? Can it be done with LED? How do I set up the dryer on the press? Is it okay to use Soft Touch as a Matte? And why does Soft Touch look weird? And our favorite… is it really OK to touch it?

Accessories after the Fact:
Getting the Most out of your UV Investment in the Press Room

2:15 PM (Brahms)

Adding an energy curing system and fully understanding your process can dramatically impact your business. The game is not just what you can offer your customers, but also how print moves through your pressroom to your customers. However, it doesn’t just stop with the UV or LED. Today, it’s also about adding additional accessories to your press that can increase running speeds and capacity . This session will be all about process optimization that sends profits right to your bottom line! Hear the true story of how this unfolded for one of the leading printers in the South.

Break - Sponsor Area

3:00 PM (Beethoven)

Join us for coffee, conversation, and refreshments with our Conference Sponsors.

What do you mean I can no longer get my ink? Will my supplier run out on me?

3:30 PM (Brahms)

By now many of us have heard the phrase from an ink or coating supplier “we need to qualify a new product because the raw material supplier in another country can’t ship”. What is really going on? An overview of the current global supply chain of key raw materials, such as PI’s (photo-initiators) used for UV/EB products will be explained. What is the “China Blue Skies Initiative”, and why should I care? How do tariffs impact me if my materials are not from China? Why can’t these materials be sourced in North America? Most importantly,…What does the future look like?. And what are some tricks that I can use to predict supply?

Making the Leap!
Jumping into the Deep Blue of UV and LED Printing

4:15 PM (Brahms)

Standing at the end of that high diving board looking over the lake of profitability or loss can cause a business owner to pause, and pause for a long time. We are lucky to have first time LED and UV converts that will walk through their decision making process and how that is changing their markets. This is a great opportunity for those printers who are on the fence to determine if LED or UV is the right technology move for them.

Thursday March 28th (EVENING)

Print UV Networking Reception

5:00 PM (Beethoven)

The first day has your mind filled with questions that demand answers! There is no better time than right now! With sponsors representing the world’s top suppliers of technology in the UV ecosystem, the Print UV Networking Reception starts immediately following the end of sessions today. Grab a cool drink and munch on some delicious food while meeting those folks that have the information you seek. Grab your business cards for the ultimate in UV networking.

Friday March 29th (MORNING)


8:30 AM (Beethoven)

Welcome back and start your day off right! Our second-day breakfast is just as full and hearty as the first, and is provided to all Print UV Conference registered attendees.

Good Morning and Welcome Back

9:30 AM (Brahms)

Let's get back to it after a few announcements.

Coating Knowledge Part Two:
LED Coatings and the Story of Success:
The History, The “Now” and The Future

9:45 AM (Brahms)

There is an incredible amount of conflicting information or “noise” regarding the current state of LED UV Coatings. This session will give you the true scoop on where coatings are today, how we got here, and where we expect LED Coating innovations to progress in the near term. Our expert speaker from one of the world’s largest coating manufacturers will share the differences between UV and LED chemistries and curing. The focus will be on coatings, lamp settings, photo initiators, and other key components of the process. You will gain insight into their differences, how to manage them on press, and ultimately, how to make the best decision for your market.

Prop 65: Bringing Excitement to the Pressroom Since 1986!

10:30 AM (Brahms)

California’s Proposition 65 – also known as “The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act” was enacted way back in ‘86, but it has only recently been enforced in ways that impact printers. A compliance expert will walk us through the current ins and outs of today’s requirements and expectations. We will also have the opportunity to hear how a solid Midwestern Printer has had to take measures to keep nuisance lawsuits away from their pressroom and their pocket book, while maintaining their commitment to their community. Believe us, this now affects us all!

Break - Sponsors Area

11:00 AM (Beethoven)

Join us for more coffee and refreshments with our Conference Sponsors!

Is It Dry? A Garage Logic Approach to Cure Testing

11:30 AM (Brahms)

Cure Testing is more than a hand wipe across the sheet. You can invest tens of thousands of dollars into lab equipment, but most printers just need a way to test consistently and accurately at press side. This presentation, from a veteran of UV (and now LED UV) will look at effective methods of testing your cure without breaking the bank; using common tools and simple processes.


12:15 PM (Beethoven)

Eat and network. Network and eat. Grab more business cards. Life is good!

LED Technology Update – What’s Up Next?

1:30 PM (Brahms)

LED UV curing technology and its ecosystem have advanced leaps and bounds in the last 10 years – delivering game-changing ROIs for commercial and packaging printers. The first wave was all about improvements in output, optics, intensity and chemistry in order to deliver on LED’s promises at today’s press speeds. Now that LED printing has essentially gone mainstream (as so many success stories attest)…what can we expect next? What will be the challenges? What about the opportunities? This topic will explore what we can expect in the near term from Multi-Wave (Wide Spectrum) LED UV systems, as well as what happens when you bring process intelligence into the equation… get yourself ready for the future – this one is not to be missed!

Knowledge is Power:
A Panel of LED Printers Share Experiences

2:15 PM (Brahms)

LED printing is here to stay – and for those that have found it, the impact it has made on their businesses is profound. From print quality, to special coating effects, to press-room efficiency, to elimination of powder and waste, to reduction of energy… in many ways these are just the tip of the iceberg. What about the impact it has had on downstream processes? Or the ability to print on new substrates? Or to create haptic touch? H ow has it changed the way these companies go to market? And most importantly, how has it impacted the bottom line in a way that can be measured and understood? Find answers to these questions and many more (and see some amazing LED samples) during this panel of expert printers who converted to LED UV.

This is How We Roll!
The Expanded Gamut of Roller Materials

3:00 PM (Brahms)

Holy Smokes! It isn’t just rubber any more! With four roller materials used in today’s pressroom, the best options for the best UV roller keeps getting harder to determine. Our expert shows us the good, the bad and the ugly in what your might have used in the past, and what you may use in the future. This discussion will provide you with a road to best practices and great choices in the rollers you use in the UV process.


3:45 PM (Beethoven)

Join us for one last break at Print UV 2019!

End of Conference: Closing Remarks

4:15 PM (Brahms)

Special announcements will be made at the conclusion of the 12th Annual Print UV Conference.