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6:00 PM (Beethoven)

Print UV 2017 Welcome Reception

Hosted by Print UV's 2017 Platinum Sponsors

Welcome to the PRINT UV 2017 Conference! For early arrivers, our Welcome Reception is not to be missed. This full networking event brings our sponsors and conference goers together in a relaxed environment for the first taste of Print UV 2017. Hearty appetizers and refreshments will be served.


8:30 AM (Beethoven)


The meal of champions: All-American Breakfast Buffet

Print UV Conference attendees are treated to a full buffet style menu designed to nourish both your body and brain in preparation of the amazing information that is to come.

9:30 AM (Brahms)

Welcome and Kickoff

Hans Ulland – AMS Spectral UV

The 10th Annual Print UV 2017 Conference will be kicked off in classic style, welcoming our guests and presenting our sponsors. Prepare to get ready for a fantastic conference.

10:00 AM (Brahms)

Keynote Speech: Everybody Matters

Bob Chapman – Chairman of Barry-Wehmiller Cos., Inc

Business is about leadership. In a style that will appeal to everyone, Bob Chapman, best-selling author and Chairman of $2+ billion Barry-Wehmiller Cos., Inc. – an 11,000-member-strong global supplier of manufacturing technologies and services – will deliver the 10th Annual Print UV keynote address on a topic that simply must be heard. Everybody Matters is not only the title of his book and the subject of his recent Ted Talk, but also a revolutionary way to lead any organization with the simple philosophy of “truly caring” for each person. In Bob’s case, he applied the philosophy to his entire company of more than 100 locations in 28 countries, and it has sparked a global movement towards Truly Human Leadership – an action-backed philosophy now being studied by Harvard, and put into daily action via the Barry Wehmiller Leadership Institute in St. Louis. This keynote is guaranteed to inspire!

11:00 AM (Beethoven)

Break - Sponsor Area

Hosted by the Print UV Sponsors

Print UV Conference networking moments are one-of-a-kind. Join us for coffee, conversation, and refreshments with our Conference Sponsors.

11:30 AM (Brahms)

Trade Printer to UV POWERHOUSE!

Get the down low from down under. How the last 7 years of UV investment has dramatically changed EGO Print’s business. UV pioneer, Graeme Lidgerwood will share their journey and give you the highs and lows of adding UV printing to your arsenal, along with key developments that you need to watch out for.

12:15 PM (Beethoven)

Lunch - Sponsor Area

On the menu: The Daily Deli

Mingle with conference attendees, browse our sponsor area, and be sure to bring your appetite for another amazing meal by the Encore!

1:30 PM (Brahms)

First Steps Into UV With H-UV Are A Success

H-UV doesn’t get all the headlines every day, but the installation base is strong and it keeps on growing. Join us for a discussion that includes a recent H-UV convert, as well as experts from the manufacturers for a look at best practices followed by an open Q & A!

2:15 PM (Brahms)

H-UV to LED UV! Are we at a tipping point?

Hosted by Pat Keogh and Steve Metcalf - AMS Spectral UV

These days you cannot go even a few days without hearing about another LED UV press going into production somewhere in the world in sheetfed, web offset, flexo, packaging or digital label, and all reporting incredible results. The ROI is real, for those looking to take printing to another level, LED UV has reached a tipping point. But what can you expect in the way of the changeover? What type of coatings, special effects, plastics, and consumables are available to enhance the process? What is around the corner with LED development? All these questions and more will be addressed now.

3:00 PM (Beethoven)

Break - Sponsor Area

Hosted by the Print UV Sponsors

Join us for coffee, conversation, and refreshments with our Conference Sponsors.

3:30 PM (Brahms)

Plastics Panel:

Mr. McGuire: I just want to say one word to you. Just one word.
Benjamin: Yes, sir.
Mr. McGuire: Are you listening?
Benjamin: Yes, I am.
Mr. McGuire: Plastics.
Benjamin: Exactly how do you mean?

Plastics and other heat sensitive substrates offer your customers the ultimate in differentiation. Getting a salable product off the press, without losing all your margin, is a whole different story. Our panel of experts will guide you through the maze of issues that confront plastic printers, including how much does heat really impact every job?

4:30 PM (Brahms)

Choosing The Right Blanket For The Right Substrate

We have spent a tremendous amount of time devoted to choosing the right coating blankets, but the type of blanket and surface you choose can be the difference between success and failure. We will also try to understand how UV inks impact the longevity of the blanket as well.


5:00 PM (Beethoven)

Print UV 2017 Networking Reception

Hosted by Print UV's 2017 Platinum Sponsors

The first day has your mind filled with questions that demand answers! There is no better time than right now! With sponsors representing the world’s top suppliers of technology in the UV ecosystem, the Print UV Networking Reception starts immediately following the end of sessions today. Grab a cool drink and munch on some delicious food while meeting those folks that have the information you seek. Grab your business cards for the ultimate in UV networking.


8:30 AM (Beethoven)

The meal of champions: All-American Breakfast Buffet

Start your day off right! Our second-day breakfast is just as full and hearty as the first and is provided to all Print UV Conference registered attendees.

9:30 AM (Brahms)

Good Morning and Welcome Back

Hans Ulland – AMS Spectral UV

Let’s get back to it after a few announcements.

9:45 AM (Brahms)

Why UV Printing Matters To Us

Printing exclusively for a captured customer, why adding a high-speed UV press makes all the difference for Amway.

10:15 PM (Brahms)

A Lifetime Of Innovation In The Pressroom

Before we hit the coating topics, a retired master in the pressroom from the highest end of the packaging market offers his advice on developing innovations in the pressroom. Everything we discuss at Print UV is an innovation that started in the minds of people who were confident enough to step out and give their idea to the world. John will again give us his wisdom on how to draw out the best from your people by setting up a culture that feels safe in forging ahead with new ideas.

10:45 AM (Beethoven)

Break - Sponsors Area

Join us for more coffee and refreshments with our Conference Sponsors!

11:15 AM (Brahms)

How did you make that? Part One:

Motion Coat - A High Value Add for All!

Motion Coat was announced at last year’s at Print UV and has been adopted by many printers around North America already as a fantastic way to add value to your coating jobs. We present the tips and tricks, and discuss the future of this growing technology.

11:45 AM (Brahms)

How did you make that? Part Two:

Artic Fire Coatings - A Color Shift You Want!

A recent development has helped to perfect color shifting coatings to add incredible value to coatings in the sheetfed process. You must see the results to believe this is possible from your anilox coater!

12:15 PM (Beethoven)

Lunch - Sponsor Area

On the menu: Gastro Pub Friday

Eat and network. Network and eat. Life is good!

1:30 PM (Brahms)

LED and H-UV Coatings: Ready For Prime Time!

For the last decade, we have discussed the up-and-coming UV technologies of LED, H-UV and low-energy curing. A few years back, we all saw the success of these competing systems on inks and a world of substrates, but the biggest question remained the quality of the coatings. Our panel of expert formulators breakdown where UV coatings stand for LED and H-UV, and discuss any remaining barriers or concerns they have left.

2:15 PM (Brahms)

UV Rollers: An In-Depth Look

We cannot have a Print UV without discussing rollers! Our experts will answer: Which material should we choose? How should I maintain them? How often should I replace them? The difficult subject of washing up when switching from UV to conventional will be given a clear road map to avoid the problem that arise!

2:45 PM (Beethoven)

Break - Sponsor Area

Join us for one last break before the final stretch of Print UV!

3:15 PM (Brahms)

LED Experiences Panel:

We will break the discussions into two topics: LED perfecting and LED on straight machines.

LED UV printing continues to make headlines and currently has the fastest rate of adoption of any UV technology world-wide. Earlier at Print UV, we heard from the manufacturers about the rapid pace of improvements in the LED hardware and processes. Now we would like to bring it back to the printers who have recently adopted the technology and hear from them the good, the bad, and the future of what they need the industry to provide.

4:15 PM (Brahms)

End of Conference - Closing Remarks

Special announcements will be made at the conclusion of the 10th Annual Print UV Conference.

***NOTE: Agenda is subject to change without notice***